May 22, 2013

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about expanding my skills lately. As an event photographer, there’s really nowhere to go but up, and working with my fellow professionals in the fashion, commercial and product photography fields has really made me realize the necessity of choosing a specialty. I’m pretty noncommittal about high fashion photography, though. Granted, there’s a ton of people in Hawaii who do it well, and it’s harder than it looks to get good results, but it seems like everyone is doing it, and that in itself gets boring.

I recently did a fetish-style shoot to preview a new bondage/wearable art line by local dark artist Hunter Vain, and realized that fetish photography in Hawaii is a largely untapped field. And it interests me far more than your typical high-fashion shoot, because, well, I’m more familiar with it. I’m used to finding beauty in the strangest, most unusual places, and with my unique perspective into the fetish community and the beauty and relational ideals of Honolulu’s darker subcultures, I realize my stuff would turn out far differently than if a fashion photographer shot it. Who knows where this path will lead…?

April 1, 2013

Finally got around to playing with a simpler, more customization-friendly look for the site. The side-benefit is that I’m learning all kinds of things about WordPress that I didn’t know before, like how to “cheat” on various elements of a template and that it really pays to optimize the sizes of all your photos before upload. Good thing us photogs already have Photoshop skills, huh?

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